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2017 VFP Volunteer Hot Spots:

  • Nepal
  • France*
    United States*
  • Vietnam
    *Teen Volunteer Projects offered at these locations
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What Will You Do?

Launch your future!
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From working with animals and environmental conservation to teaching youth and supporting local development projects, YOU decide the volunteer experience that best fits YOU!

Project Types Include:

Environmental Conservation
Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming
Summer Day Camps with Kids
Preserving Wildlife Habitat

Improving Access to Clean Water
Historical Renovation and Construction
Community Development

Festivals Celebrating Local Art, Drama & Culture

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Types of Volunteer Projects

VFP is a member organization of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) at UNESCO and work in partnership with Service Civil International (SCI) and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations to exchange thousands of volunteers each year! Projects are developed in collaboration with and total compliance of CCIVS standards to meet local community needs.


Short Term Volunteer Projects

You arrive on the same day with your fellow volunteers (usually about 10 other people from 5 different countries). You will be greeted by your project leaders who will accompany you during the entire experience.  All the volunteers and project leaders live together, work together, cook together, and explore together.
Length: 2-3 weeks
Typical Accommodation: Can vary from dorms, camping, host families, schools, and more.
Experience Level: Perfect for all ages and all levels of travel experience!
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Long Term Volunteer Projects

In many communities that we have been working in for over 30 years we have developed very close relationships with our local partner organizations and community members. These projects are typically our most diverse types of projects and can range anywhere from one week to a year in length. These projects are less structured and are great for volunteers looking to craft apersonalized experience. You select the dates you arrive and depart. Choose from a variety of work types and work with the community members to craft your own experience.  Great for student groups looking to customize their experience.
Length: 1 week to 1 year
Typical Accommodation: Single placements are usually with a host family. Groups should specify if they prefer host families or dorm stays.
Experience Level: Varied. There is no guarantee that other volunteers will be working in the community when you arrive.
Recommended for confident travelers prepared to be fully immersed in local culture or a group that wants to serve together.




Medium Term Volunteer Projects

Volunteers arrive on the same day (usually about 1-3 international volunteers) and attend an orientation hosted by a project leader to help the volunteers acclimate to the country, the community, and the project.  Volunteers will be transported to their accommodations by the project leader, and slowly given more independence throughout the duration of the project. Volunteers will not be accompanied the entire time by a project leader, but will always have them for support when needed.  The projects offer a more independent and cultural immersion experience.
Length: 1-6 months
Typical Accommodation: Host Family or Dorm
Experience Level: Great for students looking to volunteer over the summer or a semester in their area of study. May require local language knowledge.
Only open to volunteers aged 18 and older.





Looking to customize your trip by registering with family, friends, or a group of peers? We arrange many custom group projects each year. Email us at vfp@vfp.org to inquire about group opportunities.
Are you between the ages of 14-17 and looking to volunteer abroad with other teens? We arrange many teen volunteer placements each year. Click here to learn more about Teen Volunteer Projects

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