Volunteering As An Adult

No longer consider yourself a recent college grad? Looking for something meaningful to do on a vacation? Retired with time to give towards a cause? No matter what path you’re on in adulthood, volunteering abroad is a wonderful way to give back to the world while having an unforgettable experience in another culture. As an adult, you’ll bring years of unique skills and experiences to the program of your choosing and will be able to share your knowledge and passions in a meaningful way.


Top Reasons to Volunteer as an Adult

  • Further Explore Your Interests: Maybe you want to learn about new areas of interest unrelated to your field of work or gain new skills and experiences in an area you’ve always been intrigued by. Or maybe you want to gain more hands on experience to launch your career to the next level. Searching our thousands of available volunteer projects by the type of volunteer work is a great way to find the perfect volunteer opportunity in exactly the area you want to explore more in depth.
  • Share Your Diverse Skills: Compared to some younger volunteers, you have years of experience and a diverse and plentiful set of skills to bring to the table. This lets you share your knowledge and passion with others and can really help grow and advance a program abroad. And if you’re looking to volunteer in a completely new area, don’t worry, half the fun is learning new skills to bring into life back home!
  • Make Your Vacation Count: We all know that vacation time is precious, so why not use it to do something different, create a meaningful impact and have a unique adventure all at the same time. Most of our volunteer programs are 2-3 weeks long and can fit perfectly into your vacation schedule.  Adventure awaits!

“I am a fifty year old woman and this is my second VFP trip I have taken.  In 2010 I traveled to Tanzania to help teach English for a few weeks and was apprehensive only to be older than most of the other volunteers.  Even though I was older I never felt an age difference or even cultural difference.  It seems as though the people involved in these trips are unselfish and most caring…willing to open their hearts and bare their souls.  VFP follows an easy itinerary and is very organized – I can’t speak highly enough of you!” – Anne H. – Nepal 

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