Volunteering After College

Many of our volunteers are recent college graduates and we find that this is an ideal time of life to do a volunteer project abroad. You have the background and the education of college to help guide your experience abroad, and the freedom and time before starting a career.


Top Reasons to Volunteer as a Recent Graduate

  • Further Your Expertise: Many students get out of college with a solid academic background in their areas of interest but are lacking real-life experience in the field. Volunteering abroad can help you to further your skills and knowledge, giving you more confidence and direction on your path of interest.
  • Explore Your Interests: Maybe you want to learn about new areas of interest unrelated to their degree or get experience in another field to compliment what you already have a background in. Searching our thousands of available volunteer projects by the type of volunteer work is a great way to find the perfect volunteer opportunity in exactly the area you want to explore more in depth.
  • Stand Out To Employers: An international volunteer experience on your resume will jump off the page to future employers. Not only will it be a unique experience to talk about in interviews but it shows ambition, willingness to try new things and diversity. The skills you gain volunteering abroad can translate into valuable skills to carry into the workplace and can set you apart from other applicants.
  • Prepare for the ‘Real World’: Life after college is a whole other world. Volunteering abroad is a great way to prepare you for the challenges and experiences that come with ‘adult life’. Many volunteers say the most valuable skills they learn while abroad include: working cohesively in groups, leadership, cultural understanding and gaining a greater sense of responsibility and maturity, to name a few.

 “Volunteering anywhere that is foreign to you, whether it be foreign geographically, culturally or recreationally, is an experience of a lifetime and should not be passed up. Not only will you broaden your awareness of other ways of life, you will discover great things within yourself that might have otherwise gone unnoticed and been wasted.”
Jennifer D. – Ireland 


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