Our past volunteers share highlights from their projects including what it is like to live in an international group, challenges of different foods, stories of laughter, celebration of project completion, and what the experience meant to them.


 Franzie E.  –  JapanEdquilag_F_group

“Some people say that traveling is the most fulfilling experience for them. For others, it is community service. Imagine what endless fulfillment one can achieve if traveling and community service were combined.



Peterson_H_Eiffeltower2Hailey P.  –  France

I’ve just got to say, this was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  I love telling people about it!  I am still in contact with some of my friends that I met there.  We have a Facebook group to keep in contact and I plan to visit some of them after I graduate next year.”

Michael M.  –  HaitiSoccer

“The focus of the trip was extremely inspirational and felt as if we were truly working towards a goal. I liked that we were working alongside the Haitians and sharing those interactions as we all strived towards a common vision for the future of this community.

Group_IcelandAisha F.  –  Iceland

My overall experience in Iceland was, simply, something that I will never forget. I got the chance to spend several days in the capital, lived like a family in a small guesthouse with seven other volunteers, associated with local Icelanders, helped on construction projects and in taking care of animals, toured the Golden Circle, went white-water rafting, and so much more. It was my first time traveling alone, and my first time visiting Iceland, but certainly not the last in either case.”


Matthew S.  –  GermanyStrader_M3

My VFP project was a truly unforgettable experience.  I met many amazing and interesting people from all over the world!  The participants were from Spain, France, Italy, China, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, and Turkey. We worked together to build a playground from the ground up for the local children in Singen.”



TrinhS_manualHongKongSylvia T.  –  Hong Kong

“I would definitely recommend for someone to volunteer abroad because the experience is just one that cannot be recreated by staying within your boundaries. It challenges you outside of your comfort zone, but in a meaningful way where you get to give back to society.



Karisa D.  –  NepalNepal_city

“One new perspective I have brought back to my daily life is to appreciate everything, the good and the bad. I have always been a positive person, but my volunteer experience abroad has taught me how important it is to let go of the little inconvenience in life and really appreciate the small things.”



ClarkT_IndiakidsTerra C.  –  India

“My experience was a self-learning one, challenging me to acclimate to another culture and the ways of the culture. I learned far more than I thought I would about Tibet, and used the environment and the resourceful enlightened area as a teaching tool. I also got used to challenging myself physically with the trek and construction work, making me feel stronger as a person. Most of all, I feel proud of myself to have gotten to India in one piece and back. This trip has taught me independence and that I am able to gain so much by traveling on my own and making international connections.


Greta G.  –  Germany

“I am extremely happy I participated in a VFP project. While working and living among the other volunteers for 2 weeks, I really learned what it means to be part of a team. I learned that every decision a group member makes affects the entire team, for good or bad.  I met wonderful people that I would never have had the chance to know without the project. I learned about myself and I think I became more independent after the 2 weeks.


Sarah R.  –  France

“My new perspective is how I should not go by preconceived notions; stereotypes and over-generalizations. A person is a person regardless of where they come from.


LyttleL_KidsTeachLeigh Anne L.  –  Thailand

“This was a wonderful experience that will stay in my heart forever. Teaching English to Thai children provided me a look at everyday life and what they value happiness, helping others, and to smile thru whatever life gives you. I take away from this opportunity a new outlook on life, to value things we have, to treasure your family and your time with those you love.


Irvine_C_agricultureClark I.  –  Bolivia

I ran into a host of volunteers from all over the world who held vastly different opinions about the world, the United States, and politics in general than I do. We stayed up late on more than one occasion debating economics, foreign policy, and various other aspects of our respective countries. Some discussions were productive and others not so much, but I think all of us came away learning something about ourselves as well as our fellow volunteers.”


Kendall M.  –  PolandMoyer8

People come from countries with different languages and very different cultures, but they learn how to live and work together at the same goal. It may not end many problems in the world, but it exposes the volunteers to different cultures, which in the end leads to accepting and respecting other people.”



CyreniansEileen M.  –  England

Volunteering has been a self-sacrificing, enriching act that has given me much more than I gave. I am a much better person now and my perspective has changed so positively. What an amazing, life changing experience in all aspects of my life this project has given me.”



Anne H.  –  Nepal

“I am a fifty year old woman and this is my second VFP trip I have taken.  In 2010 I traveled to Tanzania to help teach English for a few weeks and was apprehensive only to be older than most of the other volunteers.  Even though I was older I never felt an age difference or even cultural difference.  It seems as though the people involved in these trips are unselfish and most caring…willing to open their hearts and bare their souls.  VFP follows an easy itinerary and is very organized – I can’t speak highly enough of you!



HospGroupJulia R.  –  Haiti

I came away with an enhanced appreciation for the simple joys of sharing and working side-by-side to achieve common goals and the universal language of smiles.



Anastasia K.  –  MexicoHirohata_Dinner

“This is a great camp for both working with animals and getting a taste of the real Mexico.  Having been to Mexico as a tourist several times, I greatly preferred my experience as a volunteer, where I was able to do the same work as a marine biologist does with turtles and where my exploration of the city of San Miguel was not limited to the consumer-oriented tourist district.”



Alexander S.  –  Turkey

“This trip has exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun in Turkey spending time with the locals and the foreigners. The locals made being away from home feel natural and pleasant.  Over all, this trip has opened my eyes to another world and I’ve learned so much about other people and myself.”


Samuel K.  –  FranceKeltz_S4

Life changing doesn’t even begin to describe my experiences volunteering. Not only did I do meaningful work and meet awesome people, but I also got to visit fantastic places. We were able to go to Paris a couple of times and see famous sights like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Going to this work camp was the best decision I ever made. I will never forget this absolutely amazing experience!”


Julie Y.  –  Haiti

“It has been an unforgettable journey where strong friendships and important memories were made. It was enjoyable, fun and truly expanded my perspective of the world. It’s an experience I’ll cherish and it will motivate me to create more of these experiences in the future.”


Jennifer D.  –  Ireland

Volunteering anywhere that is foreign to you, whether it be foreign geographically, culturally or recreationally, is an experience of a lifetime and should not be passed up. Not only will you broaden your awareness of other ways of life, you will discover great things within yourself that might have otherwise gone unnoticed and been wasted.”


Stojilkovic_L_groupLydia S.  –  Germany

“I was able to build life-long relationships. It’s incredible how in such a short time you are able to bond to that extent. Months later and I still speak with many of these people and I will continue to. My outlook and opinions have drastically changed due to the opportunity of this congregation. I look forward to be able to experience my third project shortly.”