Our Pricing

By volunteering with Volunteers For Peace you are graciously donating your time and skills towards the betterment of communities in need. However, the organizing, accommodating and planning of the program you choose comes with some cost to us here at VFP and to the host organization you choose to work with.  VFP typically charges $400 ($550 for under 18) and many host organizations have an additional fee which is identified in our camp listings.  

  What’s Included:


3 Meals a Day

Project Leadership

 Work Materials

Visa Support If Applicable

Pre-Departure Support from VFP

What’s Not Included:


Visa Fees If Applicable

With Volunteers For Peace, our pricing is simple…just get yourself there and we’ll take care of the rest!

A Breakdown Of What’s Included:



Living conditions vary greatly from project to project but are generally comprised of a diverse group of 10-20 people from all over the world, living in a communal setting such as a school, church or  community center with separate accommodation for male and female volunteers. Living arrangements are generally cooperative, with volunteers coordinating and sharing the day-to-day activities such as food preparation and cleaning. Because many volunteer programs are in second and third world countries, accommodations are sometimes rustic and require volunteers to bring a sleeping bag and mat. Longer volunteer experiences are usually less rustic and may include a home-stay or a dormitory style situation.



Included in the price of your program is 3 meals a day during your volunteer trip. The host organization you volunteer provide all food if you are staying in a communal volunteer house, or if you are staying with a host family they will cook you your 3 meals a day. Lunch may be a brown bag lunch that you bring to the volunteer site or may be eaten back at your accommodations, depending on the schedule.  Sometimes volunteers are encouraged to bring ingredients from your home country to share a meal with the group that represents the tastes of your homeland.


In Country Transportation

Once at the host organization program, all necessary transportation is provided. This often consists of rides to and from the work site to your accommodation as well as any other work-related transport. Airport pick up and drop off is offered by some host organizations and not by others, the details can be discussed directly with them upon being accepted into the program. A detailed information sheet is sent to all accepted volunteers no later than 1 month prior to the project start date which includes directions to the project meeting point where all volunteers will travel to the project location together.


Project Leadership

There will always be a representative from the host organization with you during your time abroad. This person is either a staff member or a volunteer trained to lead the program and support you during your time volunteering abroad. This will be your point person to go to with any questions or needs. They will also be a great person to provide a genuine and in depth look into the local culture and community where you are volunteering, making sure you experience the REAL side of the country you are visiting.


Work Materials

Many programs require tools and work materials for the day-to-day projects you will be working on. Anything from art supplies to construction tools to farming or construction supplies to animal care materials…everything is provided by the host organization at no cost to you. The program leaders will also give you proper training on how to use the work materials if need be.


Visa Support If Applicable

We will send you an orientation packet which contains information about specific visa requirements for your destination.  Our experienced staff is happy to assist you in the process but we obviously cannot apply for you. If your visa application requires additional documents such as an invitation letter or proof of volunteer work, simply email us and we will provide you with all the needed materials.

For more information about the visa requirements for your destination, please visit //travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country.html

Pre-Departure Support

Included in your price is our pre-departure support in the steps and process of making sure that you are all set to volunteer abroad. If you have any questions simple call, email or live chat us and our experienced staff will happily answer your questions and guide you on your way to the adventure of a lifetime. We’re here to make your planning and pre-trip experience as smooth as possible.