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My Teen Camp Experience in France

By: Gabriel Sehringer, France My 16 days in France were, I can honestly say, some of the most rewarding and eye-opening 16 days of my life. We slept in tents, the 8 boys in one tent and the 7 girls in the other, and over the course of those 16 days, the teenagers I was […]

Revisiting Ecuador: From Volunteer to Lifelong Friend

By: Annette Davis, Ecuador After having made such a strong connection with my host family during my gap year, I truly felt like I had to visit them again sooner rather than later. My host mom was 2 months pregnant when I left Ecuador, and I was so excited to meet my new baby host […]

Summer Memories at Willowell

Summer Memories at Willowell | Peace Blog For the past four years, the best two weeks of my summer have been the Volunteers for Peace camp at Willowell.  What do I look forward to the most?  Helping out in the kitchen of Monkton Friends Methodist as a couple of volunteers cook a meal from their […]

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