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Fundraise for your trip with Volunteer Forever! Volunteer Forever’s mission is to make it easier for people to volunteer abroad, and their website is the perfect resource to kick-off your fundraising efforts.Volunteer Forever offers a crowd funding platform where you can create a customized page highlighting your project and fundraising needs and receive online donations towards your trip. The Volunteer Forever crowdfunding tool allows you to tap into the power of social media and your extended networks to reach out to as many people as possible. The donation process is simple and even allows for donors to share your campaign with their own networks!

Developed by volunteers who wanted a better fundraising solution, Volunteer Forever is committed to helping you successfully raise the funds you need to volunteer abroad. To start fundraising visit Remember to link your profile to VFP’s!

Help Haitian Parents while Fundraising with “The Apparent Project”

A past volunteer introduced us to The Apparent Project. They will send you a box of bracelets that are made in Haiti at no upfront cost to you! You sell them for $8 (or whatever price you decide) each, return $4 per bracelet to The Apparent Project and donate the remainder to VFP to cover your project costs. For every 20 braceletes you sell, you will raise $100 toward your project costs. These bracelets each come with a tag and a photo telling the story of a Haitian parent who made the bracelet. In addition to fundraising for your project, you are also helping a Haitian in Port-au-Prince support her or his family.

Here are some other ideas!

VFP Sample Fundraising Letter

  • Contact Rotary International: Many Rotary Club chapters will support your international experience if you contact them and give a short presentation before and after your volunteer project. Find a Rotary Club near you and give it a shot!
  • Ask your friends and family to donate for a worthy cause: Sometimes all you have to do is ask! Check out this form letter that you can make your own and send off to friends and family within the hour. Who knew that fundraising was so easy? Rely on your community to support your ambitions and be sure to send them pictures and stories when you return. These contributions can be tax-deductible for the donor if they make a targeted donation to VFP in your name – please contact us at for more information!
  • Set up a matching donor system: Find a family member or organization who is willing to match the dollar amount you raise from others! This is a great way to show initiative and double the impact of small donations from other friends and family.
  • Organize a fundraising event: Go with the good ol’ fashioned car wash, bottle drive, bake sale, or benefit dinner – and make it about more than just you! Raise money to help refugees in Europe or bring a donation to the school you’ll help build in Kenya, as well as for your project and trip costs! Explore more fundraising ideas here or come up with your own unique fundraising project.