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Welcome Teens and Families!

We’ve got hundreds of ways for you to explore the world, make new friends, give back, and discover what you like and don’t like. Plus we will provide you with a certificate of volunteer hours served which looks great on college and job applications.  Search our teen volunteer opportunities abroad in our International Volunteer Project Listings.

Most of our international teen projects take place June through August, they do fill quickly so for the best selection apply as soon as possible. If you don’t see the teen volunteer opportunities or teen projects you are looking for, or would like to speak with a former teen volunteer about their experience just contact us and we can help.

We offer limited opportunities for families to serve together but can often help families plan a unique group volunteer vacation. Please contact us with information about your family volunteer vacation, how long you would like to serve, and the countries you are interested in and we will let you know what opportunities are available.

What is a Volunteers For Peace teen project like?

Our teen volunteer opportunities abroad are unique because you are living and working with volunteers from five or more countries. In only a few days you become a big, international family. Each project has at least one leader who also lives with the group. In addition to working on your volunteer project 4 or so hours a day you will work together to prepare meals, plan free time activities, and explore the local culture.

Each teen project has set start and end dates. Most projects are two weeks long. You are responsible to arrive at the project meeting point on the first day of the camp. On the last day everyone says a sad goodbye.

Each teen project has a specific work theme. You choose what interests you. You can find projects renovating castles, building hiking trails, running day camps for kids, planting trees, painting murals and more.

Most teen camps have an extra fee payable on arrival. These funds go to the non-profit organization that is hosting you and help to cover the costs of leadership, accommodation, meals, cultural activities, and work materials. The extra fee is usually about $250.

Our most popular teen project destinations are:France_Sehringer_G_2010grouppeacesigns



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