Europe has long been the ultimate go to destination for North Americans looking for an international adventure. Regardless of how many tourists travel to Europe each year though, far fewer take the time to learn, experience, and explore as a volunteer.

Immerse yourself fully in a European lifestyle by living and volunteering abroad in Europe!

All Projects in Europe start at $500 for a 2-3 Week Project!

Choose a country below to get started and view the incredible volunteer opportunities available to you:

 “This trip has exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun in Turkey spending time with the locals and the foreigners. The locals made being away from home feel natural and pleasant. Over all, this trip has opened my eyes to another world and I’ve learned so much about other people and myself.” – Alexander S. – Turkey 

Europe is as full of volunteer opportunities as it is world class museums and sidewalk cafes.


Popular Volunteer Destinations in Europe:



VOLUNTEER IN ICELAND: Located in the North Atlantic, Iceland offers a whole different world of natural beauty from geysers, to hot springs, glaciers to waterfalls. This is a country of sharp contrasts. A place where fire and ice co-exist; where dark winters are offset by the summer’s midnight sun.
Some of our popular volunteer programs in Iceland include:

Environmental & Agriculture Projects in Iceland

Social & Cultural Projects in Iceland

Construction & Manual Work Projects in Iceland

Teen Projects (16+) in Iceland



VOLUNTEER IN GERMANYA country offering some of Europe’s most breath-taking sights. From the spectacular scenery of the jagged Alps, endless rolling hills of forests and farms, and mighty rivers. It may be a developed nation, but there is still a great need for volunteers on community-led projects.

Some of our popular volunteer programs in Germany include:

Working with Kids in Germany

Environmental & Agriculture Projects in Germany

Social & Cultural Projects in Germany

Construction & Renovation Project in Germany

Teen Projects (14+) in Germany


VOLUNTEER IN FRANCE: The land of wine and cheese…but also so much more! France is a nation of pride; in it’s cuisine, it’s fashion, it’s landscapes, it’s history and it’s language, making it a truly rich and unforgetable experience. Whatever you do, don’t forget to stop, sit back, and take in experiencing French life.
Some of our popular volunteer programs in France include:

Environmental & Agriculture Projects in France

Construction & Renovation Projects in France

Social & Cultural Projects in France

Working with Kids in France

Teen Projects (14+) in France

Positioned between two continents, Turkey is a fascinating country with a very rich history and heritage. Turkey has opportunities for volunteers to work on a variety of projects, and through volunteering, individuals will get to know Turkish culture and tradition.
Some of our popular volunteer programs in Turkey include:

Working with Kids in Turkey

Environmental & Agriculture Projects in Turkey

Social & Cultural Projects in Turkey

Construction & Renovation Projects in Turkey

Teen Projects (14+) in Turkey