So what exactly comprises ‘the Americas’ you may ask? This includes North America, The Caribbean,  Central America and South America. Together they make up the greater western hemisphere but within these countries are a vast range of wildly unique cultures, people and landscapes.

Many countries in the Americas suffer from poor economic growth and community stagnation. As a result there is great need and many available projects to help improve the well-being of humans, animals and the overall health of the environment.

All Projects in the Americas start at $500 for a 2-3 Week Project!

Choose a country below to get started and view the incredible volunteer opportunities available to you:

“It has been an unforgettable journey where strong friendships and important memories were made. It was enjoyable, fun and truly expanded my perspective of the world. It’s an experience I’ll cherish and it will motivate me to create more of these experiences in the future.”
– Julie Y. – Haiti 

Any area of volunteering you might be interested in, you can probably find in Central America!

Popular Volunteer Destinations in the Americas



VOLUNTEER IN ECUADOR:  This small but richly diverse country lies on the northern pacific coast of South America, nestled between Columbia and Peru. You’ll find some of the brightest indigenous clothing, most unique traditional food and one-of-a-kind natural sights in the world.  Project dates in Ecuador can be very flexible.  Let us know your availability and the dates you interested in, and we can tell you if there is space available.
Some of our popular volunteer programs in Ecuador include:

Working with Kids in Ecuador

Social & Cultural in Ecuador

Environmental & Agriculture in Ecuador

Long-Term Placements in Ecuador

mexicocollageVOLUNTEER IN MEXICO: Many think of Mexico as our exotic neighbor to the south, home of chili-infused cuisine and dance filled parties. But Mexico has much more to offer than meets the eye. From ancient Mayan temples to bustling beach-side cities, lush jungles to colorful markets, this country is purely mesmerizing from coast to coast.
Some of our popular volunteer programs in Mexico include: 

Working with Kids in Mexico

Social & Cultural in Mexico

Working with Animals in Mexico

Construction & Reonvation in Mexico

 Medium to Long-Term Placements in Mexico


VOLUNTEER IN HAITI: Anyone that’s been there will tell you it’s the history, the culture and the people that make this place unique. Haiti has kept closer to its African roots than any other Caribbean nation, something that can be seen and felt in its vibrant art and music scenes. Work with kids, improve community access to clean water and help with environmental awareness in this impoverished country.
Some of our popular volunteer programs in Haiti include: 

Working with Kids in Haiti

Environmental & Agriculture in Haiti

Social & Cultural in Haiti

Long-Term Placements in Haiti

USAcollageVOLUNTEER IN UNITED STATES: Not only does Volunteer For Peace organize trips for Americans abroad, but we host programs in the USA. . In 2015, in collaboration with our U.S. partners, we organized 31 projects and hosted over 200 international volunteers from 50 different countries, performing over 19,000 hours of valuable volunteer work. This unique opportunity allows people from all over the world to participate together in a cross-cultural experience while helping a local community in the USA.
Some of our popular volunteer programs in USA include:

Environmental & Agriculture in USA

Social & Cultural in USA

Construction & Manual Work in USA

Long-Term Placements in USA