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Each year more than 100 volunteers experience the joy of Haiti.

Volunteer in Haiti

Building a classroom in Desab, Haiti.

Our projects put volunteers at the heart of the community with unlimited access to the culture, friendship, and Haitian life.
From working with kids, to building classrooms, to installing Biosand Water Filters, volunteers are provided countless opportunities to give a lasting gift.

Learn about the challenges of life in rural Haiti, Experience the resilience of the Haitian people, and Reflect on what is truly important in life.

2016 Projects


Summertime Smiles – July 16-31, 2016
Assist at our 2nd annual summer camp in Desab, Haiti. Volunteers will plan camp activities including language, culture, arts, sports and more for at last 150 local children. Visit a local waterfall or the beautiful Caribbean. This project is perfect for families or friends to serve together and individual volunteers ages 16+.

Sustainability, English, and Art in Desab – Year round 2016
In September 2015 VFP sent our first group of volunteers to teach at this rural school and we have continually filled this position! We are looking for volunteers who want to serve for 1-3 months but can accept volunteers for as little as 2 weeks in this location. This is the perfect location to serve with a friend!

Teach English at the Vocational School – Year round in 2016
VFP has been supporting the construction of this vocational school and providing volunteers to teach English to the adult students for several years. This is the perfect opportunity for a volunteer 30 or older, preferably with some French or Creole ability.

More options coming soon!

Volunteer projects in Haiti

School kids in Haiti

I wanted to provide a service that the Haitian people were asking for. I helped to run a camp for children and school-teachers. We experimented with expressive arts activities and allowed the children and teachers to express their opinions, fears, happiness, and learning. This project allowed me to get past the myth that one person can’t make a difference. I know that the conversations, group work, and even small physical labor made an impact on a number of people.
Amy, 2014 Volunteer to Haiti



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